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We Now Offer Video Consultations!

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If you are looking to the future and wanting to know how you can transform your smile we can help. Instead of coming into the practice for a Complimentary Consultation, we can now offer you the chance of a consultation via face to face video chat. It’s so easy, and we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do.

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Google Reviews

We are proud to have obtained so many positive reviews from patients on Google. All our reviews are displayed below to give you a better indication of how real patients view their dental experience at Advance.

Danielle Lloyd
Danielle L.
11:00 17 Mar 20
Every time I have visited Advance Dental Care I have received excellent care. All of the staff there are so friendly and welcoming. I am always made to feel welcome and comfortable. Kas in particular has been fantastic with my dental care recently and Laura on the reception desk has been brilliant with getting my appointments booked in and getting me any information I required. Fantastic team all around.
nicola smith
nicola S.
16:55 11 Mar 20
Thank you so much to behrooz and Rebecca for today’s pain free and excellent appointment.Made me feel at ease and explained procedure.Thank you again, see you in 6 months.
Neil Dowler
Neil D.
21:01 10 Mar 20
I have avoided the dentist for many years and my top set of teeth were in a terrible state, i came to advance dental care due to the reviews i had read.Andy and his staff put me at ease straight away,calm and caring dentistry it certainly is.After my consultation Andy recommended to have my remaining teeth extracted and have mini implants put in, i thought NO, but after he explained to me that it would be virtually pain free ,we agreed a price and set the treatment in motion.Andy was true to his word virtually no pain, why was i afraid for all those years ? Teeth extracted,mini implants put in, impressions done, i can smile again with confidence and eat almost anything,what a difference it makes.I highly recommend Advance Dental Care , Andy and his team have been fantastic, Thank you all.
Maggie Evans
Maggie E.
14:08 10 Mar 20
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Andy and his team for the high level of service I received during my treatment for Dental Implants.From my first visit until completion I I was treated with kindness and reassurancei am delighted with the outcome, and therefore have no hesitation in recommending Advanced Dental Care.
Tony Adamson
Tony A.
20:49 09 Mar 20
I would like to inform any body that is a bit sceptical of a visit to the dentist.There’s no reason to be afraid the treatment I received from Kaz the dental surgeon Was second to none no discomfort from both extraction and dentures staff are very good at what theyDo .Good relaxed atmosphere up on arrival..
Toby Hawkins
Toby H.
15:36 19 Feb 20
Brilliant experience with Diane Locke dental hygienist
Emma Derbi
Emma D.
12:07 19 Dec 19
Had a crown replaced today. Didn't feel nervous at all, as they are fantastic. They did the whole procedure without any pain or discomfort.I highly recommend them.
Geraint Cooper
Geraint C.
12:29 17 Dec 19
mini implants top & bottom fantastic, now eat anything for the first time in years
Sonia Maurer
Sonia M.
08:49 14 Dec 19
My replacement filling was quick and painless. Lovely friendly staff!
Sarah Drew
Sarah D.
15:01 06 Dec 19
Great service, friendly and super helpful. Highly recommend for kids treatment too
Inga van den Broek
Inga van den B.
09:41 06 Dec 19
I've just had an implant done and I can't tell the difference between the implants and my real teeth. Andy and the team were fantastic and I had a phone call a few days after the initial procedure to ask if I was ok and to ensure I wasn't in pain. Price was given up front so no surprises. Can't wait to have the other side of my mouth done. Recommend this practice!
Ben Goldup
Ben G.
08:50 05 Dec 19
I cant recommend Advance Dental Care highly enough. I carried out a lot of research before my treatment and went around a few practices in the Cardiff area. As soon as I was seen at Advance Dental Care I knew that was where I wanted to have my treatment. The team were all welcoming and friendly. They always tried to find appointments to suit my needs which a big help as I live an hour away and travel is difficult at times due to work commitments. The treatment itself was pain free as stated. I had fixed braces, top and bottom. My top braces were behind my teeth and my bottom braces were to the front of my teeth. The process was lengthy but that was purely down to the stubbornness of my teeth and the extent of the treatment I needed. I have recently finished my treatment and have recommended Advance Dental Care to friends and family, one of which has had treatment and another in the process of undergoing treatment. The cost of my treatment was very reasonable and packages are available if needed. No doubt you will find cheaper options out there if you keep looking but I can assure you that wont get the quality of finish or the exceptional level of care offered here.
The Trio17
The T.
10:52 04 Dec 19
Friendly and welcoming staff, caring dentists always making you a priority. Many thanks
Tracey Kelly
Tracey K.
08:37 18 Nov 19
I cant explain how scared i am of the dentist !!! there are no words! from the first visit last year to my resent visit last week , the whole experience has been great! Don't get me wrong I am still scared 😕 but i know i can trust the dentist to stop when i need him too, let me cry when i need too :-/, hold my hand when i shake 🙂 and congratulate me when i have turned up and stayed :-)All joking aside, If you have a fear of the dentist please go along to Advanced Dental Care and at least have a chat and look at the environment, no clinical smell either !!!By the way I am 55 years of age and turn into a 5 year old!!
Robert Ruddock
Robert R.
11:17 27 Sep 19
My dental treatment with Advanced Dental Care over many months has been rewarding and most satisfactory. My concerns regarding the professional care I'd receive were soon dispelled, as, upon every visit I received a courteous reception and pleasurable experience. I highly recommend Advanced Dental Care to anyone considering dental treatment.
Paula Holloway
Paula H.
09:05 25 Sep 19
I've had my teeth straightened with the help of Advance Dental care. I'm pleased with the results and the treatment I received was always pain free, comfortable and my appointments on time. I always felt relaxed and comfortable thanks to Bruce and his assistants.
Christine Bennett
Christine B.
15:32 18 Sep 19
I had partial dentures fitted with Andy and the team, they were fantastic and nothing was to much trouble. I love my smile now and don't feel conscious about showing my teeth, its wonderful to smile and show my teeth again.
Gareth Turner
Gareth T.
10:11 16 Jul 19
Visited the hygienist Diane and Aga was nervous to start but they made me feel at ease excellent pain free procedure would definitely recommend advance dental care to anyone.
David Thomas
David T.
16:16 15 Jul 19
Cheers for the work done always friendly and always pain free
Marie Okeefe
Marie O.
11:10 15 Jul 19
Absolutely fantastic worth every penny, would definitely recommend this dental practice.. having been very very anxious i was put at ease straight away.
Annette Thomas
Annette T.
17:01 24 Jun 19
Massive thank you to Andy and all the wonderful staff at Advance Dental every visit was a pleasure Pain Free implants fitted absolutely beautifull turned my frown upside down and my confidence to SMILE again HIGHL RECOMENDED
Lyn Marston
Lyn M.
11:11 20 Jun 19
After many years of deliberating I finally made the decision to do something about my smile. The dentist I had been with for many years was unable to help with implants and so I did some research. Advance Dental Care seemed to offer what I was looking for and so I made a free smile audit appointment with Andy. Andy offered me a detailed pain free, stress free plan which would fit in with my travel commitments, and so a year ago I went ahead with the treatment. It was exactly as Andy said it would be and I was treated with respect and kindness in a relaxed atmosphere It was all about me.I now have my smile and confidence back thanks to Andy and his team. I'm thrilled to have found a dental practice that I trust and I'm going nowhere else. I highly recommend Advance Dental Care. You guys are AMAZING 😀
paul hyatt
paul H.
08:19 17 Jun 19
I had been putting off the inevitable for many years but the situation was critical where I could only eat soft food because what few teeth I had left were loose and not long for my mouth. After looking at options in both the UK and abroad, I came across Advance Dentals website. The reviews were encouraging and the free consultation helped me make my first step. Andy advised mini implants but did discuss other options with their pros and cons. I took the plunge and could not have made a better decision. I required a fair amount of work but it was all done efficiently and with care. I endorse the pain-free ethic that this practice works to. The staff have all been brilliant but I must doff my cap to Andy. He has changed my life and restored my faith in dentists. Thankyou all so much.
Sue Harris
Sue H.
17:02 10 Jun 19
Thank you Jazz and Aga for your great treatment today. 10/10 would recommend to all!
Dundeeno1 Viking
Dundeeno1 V.
19:36 13 May 19
Alex Currie
Alex C.
16:35 11 May 19
After 15 years of being terrified of the dentist, I cracked a wisdom tooth and had no choice but to face my fear. I spent four months searching for a dentist and came across advanced dental care. I spent sometime reading up on them before finally summoning the courage to contact them.The reception team were really friendly and explained everything to me. I booked in to see Bruce and got an appointment and time slot to suit me. At my appointment, Bruce took time to put me at ease, understand my fears and phobias and talk me through everything before even getting in to the chair. Following my mouth audit, Bruce talked me through what was needed and the options avalibility. Being incredibly nervous I opted for sedation. I needed to have an extraction, two fillings and a scale and polish. I was expecting quite a large bill but was pleasantly surprised when Bruce talked me through the figures.I booked in my next appointment with reception. Prior to arriving for extraction day, the team contacted me twice to ask if I had any questions and see if I was still able to make the time.On extraction day I was incredibly nervous. Bruce put me at ease and we went at my pace. After he answered 101 of my questions, the sedation began.10 seconds in and I can’t remember a thing. I now have a healthy mouth and a couple of hilarious videos. Bruce gave my husband aftercare advice and made sure I was comfortable before leaving the practice. I honestly can’t thank Bruce enough for getting me through the process. Whilst I am not over my fear of dentistry, I am confident I have found a dentist in Bruce that I would trust with all my dentistry needs and that I will visit regularly. If you are a nervous patient and are looking for a dentist that will help you through it, look no further. Thanks team!
tom johnson
tom J.
09:49 08 Apr 19
Extremely happy with how fast my braces worked, and how good my teeth now look.Plus great customer service.
Alice Ewart
Alice E.
18:20 22 Mar 19
Delighted with my new implant. I have been coming to Andy for years with my family. The experience is always unhurried, caring and professional. Brilliant dental practice, highly recommended. Thanks Andy & Co I am chuffed with my smile!
Angie Ryan
Angie R.
17:47 27 Feb 19
I have recently had mini implants with andy, my journey stared in january, and I was terrified to have it done, didn't have one bit of pain a paper cut was worse, I never been to a more welcoming dental practice from the minute you check in at reception until the time that you leave you are made to feel at home and at ease, would really recommend this dental practice if anyone was looking to have this procedure done. Deffinatly worth every penny 🤗😁 Angie xx
Leslie Berger
Leslie B.
11:54 20 Feb 19
Advanced dental care. A very appropriate name. They are everything they promised and more.
Phoebe White
Phoebe W.
11:52 11 Feb 19
I chose Advance dental care to go with for braces as i know 3 people who have been who reccomended Andy highly! I live about 30 mins away too but it was well worth the commute. Every appointment was quick, easy and efficient! Would recommend to anyone! I’ve had a great experience !
Sarah Jenkins
Sarah J.
10:16 24 Jan 19
Fantastic, friendly and caring staff. I felt a little nervous to have my tooth extracted, but they went though every step of the process with me and made sure I felt comfortable throughout. Thank you.
Anna G.
11:05 21 Jan 19
Excellent, friendly and professional service.
Mick dundee
Mick D.
18:26 21 Dec 18
Awesome service, excellent staff superb work just had crown put in amazing well impressed!! I know it's not the norm but I actually really enjoyed my experience in this place so professional make you feel so at ease I'm from Blackpool but if I need anything else doing I will be making the 250 mile journey no questions, thank you all very much👍👍👍👍
Annabel Lloyd
Annabel L.
13:51 30 Nov 18
My children and I have seen Andy for years and just started seeing Bruce who has been just as welcoming and caring. We've been so well looked after medically and as people - can't recommend these guys highly enough.
Amanda Sidaway
Amanda S.
20:22 02 Nov 18
As a person who has been terrified of the dentist since childhood, I have been able to become more at ease with the whole experience since meeting Bruce. He has been a huge support with helping me become more comfortable with the treatment I have needed, by going at my own pace and not making me feel uncomfortable or underpressure to agree to any of the treatment. The receptionist Angela was smiley, upbeat and also helped to make me feel more relaxed with being at the dentist.Over all the whole experience is much nicer than what I have previously had and I'm glad that I'm able to smile again, be painfree and not be so nervous when I'm there.
Derek Sidaway
Derek S.
20:19 02 Nov 18
I have not been to see the dentist for a good 20 years but since I found Advance Dental Care I'm much happier.My dentist Bruce is very easy to feel comfortable around and very helpful with advice. I'm lucky that I've not had any dental problems in the past and that my teeth are quite stable in terms of not needing any treatment.I'm a keen fisherman and have a habit of biting my fishing line with my teeth, so asked Bruce if there is anything he could do for me to build my front teeth back up. He said it's easy to sort out and got me back to build them up and they look so much better. The shade match, the shape and the comfort of having the treatment done was brilliant, I definitely chose the right man! Thanks Bruce.
Gareth Powner
Gareth P.
16:09 01 Nov 18
Iv never had a bad experience at this dentist AND I HATE DENTISTS! Staff are lovely and welcoming, I would definitely recommend!
John Entwistle
John E.
11:28 01 Nov 18
Upon retirement , changed my dentist from a Cardiff practice to Advance Dental Care when Andy first established this practice many years ago and have never regretted it . From its early days until the present , Andy & all his dentists together with supporting nurses & staff have , without fail , provided consistently excellent , sympathetic care from the initial welcome to any necessary treatment . My most recent dentist , Jaz together with supporting nurses has just completed somewhat lengthy treatment in his usual welcoming & calm manner carefully explaining all options & each aspect of treatment as it progressed - a young man undoubtedly a credit to the practice and his profession . Dare I say , it's a pleasure to go to the dentist !!!!!!!!!!
J Babbs
J B.
07:35 25 Sep 18
Fantastic dentist, really did a good job with my teeth straightening. Everyone in the practise is really friendly and its always a pleasure to visit.
mike fry
mike F.
16:59 22 Sep 18
I recently aproached ADOC about a loose fitting dental plate ,which constantly dropped down and made it embarrassing to eat out, until i spoke to Jaz who explained three different alternatives, i went for a metal clip Fitting with a narrower plate, and what a fantastic result, i cant thank the Advance dental team enough ,and Jaz was a true gent ,Thanks once again Mike Fry.
Samamtha Pike
Samamtha P.
15:48 06 Sep 18
Been going to advance dental care for over 10 years. Amazing.... very friendly make you feel very comfortable and relaxed... both my girls live going to the dentist here
15:48 06 Sep 18
Hadn't been to a dentist for 25 years due to being so nervous about going to the dentist. Was immediately put at ease by all the staff there who are all very lovely and friendly. Dr Behrooz and his assistant were excellent with me while I was in the chair. Explained everything to me and helped me relax. Work was done with no pain at all. Not expensive either, very reasonable cost. But most of all everyone there is so nice it puts you more at ease. So much so that I look forward to my next appointment in December. I read the reviews like you are before going and was sceptical of course but all the reviews are 100% accurate. I recommend very highly especially if you are a nervous patient like myself
David Hughes
David H.
17:17 05 Sep 18
Best dentist in barry and beyond,highly recommend
jackie oneill
jackie O.
18:38 23 Aug 18
From my first appointment at the practice I felt at ease with Jaz and team who explained my treatment every step of the way. The atmosphere is relaxed and all staff are very friendly and helpful. Would recommend if you are frightened of going for dental treatment. Well done and thank you.
Catherine Kinson
Catherine K.
13:54 23 Aug 18
Thank you so much for all the care and attention I have received at advance dental surgery. I am thrilled to bits because now I can smile again with confidence. Big thank you to Jas who made it all painless and made me feel very comfortable through the procedure.
wreαth -
wreαth -
16:38 20 Aug 18
Staff always friendly and welcoming. Dentist made me feel very at ease and my treatment was overall very straightforward and I was delighted with my results. Have recommended to family and friends.
Louise House
Louise H.
10:47 17 Aug 18
Advance decal care are a very professional dentist. Im always welcomed with a smile and all staff are very friendly and helpful. My 5 year old loves going to the dentist as she is always made to feel calm and happy. I am always made to feel relaxed and calm at every appointment.
Susan Howells
Susan H.
05:46 17 Aug 18
If you have any reservations of visiting the Dentist, fear not. From the way you are greeted by the receptionists to the professional treatment you receive from the Dentist, you are made to feel calm and relaxed. Keep up the good work.
Richard Hodges
Richard H.
08:35 07 Aug 18
When I first came to this dentist with a very broken tooth, I hadn't seen any dentist for more than 20 years being very afraid of a dentist. As afraid as I was, I was made to feel welcome, comfortable and at ease in an environment which would naturally terrify me.The patience of the staff with my nervousness was (and still is) priceless. The treatment I received then was painless and Dr. Andy Nourish was so reassuring throughout. Not once was I made to feel stupid or pathetic.Since then I've been to see the Hygienist, Cheryl, numerous times and she is clear, honest, compassionate and very patient with me. My fear is now nowhere near what it was, but still being nervous she is great with me.I strongly recommend this dentist to anyone who has any fear of the dentist, for whom the sound of the drill or the smell of whatever it is dentist's offices smell of can drive you to panic.They're not cheap if you go private but without hesitation I say they are worth every penny.Every member of staff I've met here is awesome, bar none.Thank you all for your great work!
Moist trilby
Moist T.
15:25 20 Jul 18
I have been with this dentist for most of my life and its the best.The staff are friendly the dentists are welcoming.
Lisa Mortimer
Lisa M.
16:44 12 Jul 18
Although I see an NHS dentist, I needed specialised work and wanted to find somewhere near to where I lived. I thought of Advance Dental Care, looked up the details and saw the amazing reviews this practice had. Having just finished my treatment I'm thrilled to bits with the results and my new smile. Everything is well organised, you are kept fully informed. The staff, and particularly my dentist Andrew Nourish couldn't have been more helpful, thoughtful and informative. I would recommend this practice to anyone and particularly those who dread that dental appointment reminder. Thanks very much
Vivienne Thompson
Vivienne T.
16:53 11 Jul 18
This is a great dental practice with a friendly team all in pink. I especially want to thank the dentist Jaz for his professional, calm approach and his encouragement throughout the process of removing and replacing a crown. I also had a molar tooth extraction at this practice which was done with the same calm efficiency despite my nervous disposition at the time. They are also vigilant in keeping gum disease under control. I would heartily recommend this practice to anyone who is nervous about dental treatment.
steve garrett
steve G.
12:47 09 Jul 18
Friendly and excellent service - I had mini-implants, everything was explained clearly and I'm very happy with the price and the results
Nick Willobey
Nick W.
18:48 04 Jul 18
My wife, Anne from Penarth has had her teeth crowned and whitened, she cannot believe the difference that the treatment has made. She wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andy and the team.😀😀😀
mark davies
mark D.
11:01 26 Jun 18
From the moment you step through the doors your put at ease by the friendly staff and they take you through your treatment at your pace. Would highly recommend advanced dental care to anyone who is nervous of the dentist as i was.
Caroline Scott
Caroline S.
11:32 13 Jun 18
Have had another great experience with my dental treatment. Jaz is fantastic. He explains things really well and doesn't talk down to the patients. He's very friendly and tells you exactly what he's going to do before and during treatment. I'd be more than happy to recommend Jaz to anybody who's nervous or frightened about having dental treatment.
michelle kane
michelle K.
14:33 06 Jun 18
I have been going here for nearly 10 years and I have always found everyone so friendly and helpful! The dentists are always so approachable with a caring attitude! Best dentist practice in Barry
Andy Vick
Andy V.
10:41 01 Jun 18
Excellent and thoughtful care provided. All the options were talked through and explained every step of the way, and I was made to feel very comfortable throughout the procedure, with the genuine caring attitude show. The only port of call if you're a nervous dental patient! A special thanks to Jaz and Aga who looked after me throughout.
mark gronow
mark G.
06:10 25 May 18
I hadn’t been to the dentist in years, had to book and emergency appointment, all the staff were very friendly, the dentist and the nurse I seen were exceptional put me at ease and explained everything incredibly well. I will be using for all future dental work can’t recommend enough!
Alyson Courtenay
Alyson C.
18:30 22 May 18
Had a crown made by the lovely Jaz it really was made so much easier than i expected
Glenys Norris
Glenys N.
10:46 15 May 18
Just been for a scale and polish which is all I needed... that's all down to the lovely people who look after my oral hygiene...they have given not only pain free dentistry but information about how to manage and maintain the health of my mouth...the hygienist and nurse and Jazz and all the reception staff are so lovely ..if your nervous about the dentist's this is the one to go for they are AMAZING..keep up the good work guys X
Michael Fallas
Michael F.
16:01 29 Apr 18
Had some treatment recently and received Fantastic service from andy and allOf team, what a lovely group of people. Would definitely recommend!
Victoria Knaggs
Victoria K.
14:07 29 Mar 18
Excellent service and care from the whole team. Really put effort in to help me try to relax and calm down while at my appointments. I've put off going to the dentist for years after developing a fear as a teenager. Everyone tries hard to help and makes time to explain and not hurry you. Thanks for all your help!
Carys Jones
Carys J.
10:20 28 Mar 18
I have been a patient at Advance Dental for several years and I am so glad to be registered with them. It is such a stress-free experience from getting the reminder letter, calling up to book the appointment, easy parking and lovely, friendly staff. Jaz (the dentist) and his assistant couldn't be nicer - they are very welcoming and spend time explaining what they are doing, the treatment plan and self care advice with toothbrushing tips etc. I am very happy with the treatment - I think Jaz is very thorough and my teeth/gum condition has improved since he's started treating me. The receptionists are great too - friendly and efficient! Overall, a great service and would highly recommend.
Brenna Linton
Brenna L.
10:41 20 Mar 18
THE best dentist I have ever been to! The staff are so friendly. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
Deborah L
Deborah L
15:12 14 Mar 18
I have just completed a period of dental works which included implant surgery, new crown & repair of minor NHS flaws. Andy Nourish and his team all treat you as an individual not “just another patient”, they make you feel like they truly care and they remember the smallest of details. The whole procedure was carried out professionally, was (unbelievably) completely pain free. I have had no issues / problems and am delighted with the result. Thank you all, a very satisfied customer. A special mention to Laura who is like a little ray of 🌞.
13:07 14 Mar 18
Can’t fault anything at all. Had a great experience having clear braces on for 9 months and totally transformed my smile. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the process was so easy and pain free. Would recommend to anyone ! Big thanks to Andy and the team !
17:55 24 Feb 18
I really can not thank Andy enough for the braces that i had and for how perfectly straight my teeth are! In fact the whole team have been fantastic... with incredible customer service throughout. Especially recently when due to mis communication and some fault of my own (i had shrank my night retainers) i became a little upset. The team quickly came to my rescue and made me feel 1. Not so silly after all and 2. Offered me a kind offer, aswell as some future information on how to streylise my retainer and care for them properly. Had i approached the team sooner and expressed my concern i am very sure i could have avoided becoming upset in the first place! So, if you are reading this and have some odd obsessive cleaning habits like i do, please don’t put you retainers in boiled water 😉
Michelle Ward
Michelle W.
16:07 02 Feb 18
From the time I walked through the door, I was made to feel relaxed, considering I’m scared of dentists, all the staff, from the receptionist to all the other staff went out of there way to make me feel comfortable there. I would like to give a big thank you to Jazz and Aga, who went beyond their professional care, Jazz even called me back to the practice for an extra chat to reassure me before my tooth extraction appointment. Whilst on the day of the extraction, Jazz and Aga talked me through everything, and to remind me to breath (which was very reassuring to me) knowing how scared I was, I was given a longer than the normal time appointed time for my procedure. A massive thank you to everyone at the practice. Michelle Ward x.
Leigh D
Leigh D
14:20 01 Feb 18
I just wanted to write a quick review of my experience with you guys. I hadn't been to the dentist for many years and had a real phobia of ever going again. Just before Christmas I visited you knowing I had to get some treatment or I would have had a terrible Christmas.All I can say is that it was the best decision I have ever made. With incredibly short notice Jazz and his team went above and beyond to help me out. For anyone with any doubts about visiting the dentist due to a phobia, I can honestly say that this dental experience was like no other. The reception team are so friendly and helpful and understanding, and then all I can say about Jazz is that if he can't put your mind at rest and help with your phobia then I doubt anyone can! I can actually say I am looking forward to getting back there and continuing my treatment.....and I never thought I could say that about any dentist. Keep up the good work guys and wishing you a great 2018.Cheers
Leanne Forde
Leanne F.
09:29 31 Jan 18
I cannot recommend advance dental care Barry enough. Always very friendly and extremely careing. We’ve been patients here for a few years now and attend regularly, which for my husband was a huge thing as he was petrified but not anymore thanks to the great dentist Lewis and dental nurse Suzanne, can’t thank them enough.
Jeanette Hippolite
Jeanette H.
13:16 24 Jan 18
After being recommended by a friend i went for a consultation with Andrew for mini inplants. Andrew and his team immediately made me feel at ease explaining and going through the procedure in fine detail. I decided to go ahead with the mini inplants, andrew reassured me all the way it was a long process but worth it as now i feel more confident and have a smile to be proud of. Would highly recommend. Thankyou Andrew and team. 😁😁😁
Yarna Gibson
Yarna G.
17:00 23 Jan 18
I'm writing this on behalf of my daughter. She has to have root canal treatment and had a filling. She is not the bravest person when it comes to going to the dentist but Suzanne really looked after her and put her at ease. Lewis was brilliant talking to her and keeping her calm. She would recommend seeing Lewis and Suzanne every time 👍👌😁
Sharon Magee
Sharon M.
23:42 15 Jan 18
My husband had treatment with Andy who was very friendly & professional. All treatment was totally painless. Andy discussed all options and there was absolutely no hard sell, his advice was totally unbiased and what was the best for my husband.
Tom Nourish
Tom N.
12:04 13 Jan 18
christopher eason
christopher E.
12:05 11 Jan 18
Excellent service, prompt and informative
Neil Smith
Neil S.
08:41 16 Oct 17
This is an excellent practice, especially for nervous patients such as me! Any treatment has always been painless and the staff are fantastic!
lester gupwell
lester G.
10:25 11 Oct 17
Have been with Advance Dental for several years and every visit has been a joy as no pain was experienced. Went for a filling today and completely relaxed and no discomfort. My husband and I cannot rate them highly enough and there motto of pain free and caring is certainly true. Thank you to all the team.
Antonia gulwell
Antonia G.
05:12 04 Oct 17
Always very helpful.
Debra Smyth
Debra S.
09:19 29 Sep 17
My experience today with Lewis and Sue was fantastic they both made me feel completely at ease.. All the staff are welcoming and polite
Glenys Norris
Glenys N.
10:42 11 Sep 17
Very friendly informative and caring...dentists were never like that when I was them the full thumbs up thanks everyone.
Julie Lakin
Julie L.
10:20 25 Aug 17
As it says on the tin ... total calming and pain free dentistry.
Darren Perrett
Darren P.
19:21 24 Aug 17
Sue and Lewis are fantastic very professional and great fun whitch puts me at ease as I am very nervous patient.Thay are worth there waight in gold .. thank you
Helen Jones
Helen J.
19:34 17 Aug 17
I have always been treated in a friendly and welcoming manner. I am very nervous of having any dentist work and the dental nurse Suzanne puts me at ease and tries her best to relax me.
Charlotte Wilson
Charlotte W.
18:10 17 Aug 17
Suzanne and Lewis are a great team. Put my children at ease today as they had their first dentist appointment. Suzanne is always very friendly and comforting. Highly recommended!
Lisa Elliott
Lisa E.
15:30 17 Aug 17
Everything about this practice is excellent - from the welcome at reception to the treatment. Highly recommended!
Gracie Westlake
Gracie W.
09:21 17 Aug 17
Advanced Dental Care have looked after my family for a number of years. The staff are very helpful & the dentists are amazing - especially with the children. Would highly recommend x
Keri williams
Keri W.
06:01 17 Aug 17
excellent staff and service,put at ease
Chris Studley
Chris S.
10:01 15 Aug 17
I've been having a significant amount of treatment at Advanced dental care over the last several months. Having put off treatment for a long long while it was great finding the team there to sort things out in a way that has made the dentist no longer something to find that excuse to avoid. The reception team and dentists and assistants are friendly and professional. Plenty of time is taken to discuss options, talk through xray' s and plan out work that needs doing. They do go out of their way to live up to the "pain free" and "caring" motto. For emergency visits or longer term work, from my own experience with them, I can recommend the team at Advanced Dental!
Bethan Barry
Bethan B.
08:48 14 Aug 17
Lovely staff, would highly recommend. Really put me at ease. I no longer dread going to the dentist since visiting this practice.
Michelle Evans
Michelle E.
09:50 04 Aug 17
Suzanne is fantastic friendly and bubbly and the whole team are welcoming and friendly make you feel at ease 😁😁😁
Claire Sennett
Claire S.
15:51 03 Aug 17
One of the best dentist experiences I've had! Lewis and Suzanne (not Susan!) are absolutely fantastic! Can't fault the way they make you feel relaxed while sat in that chair! Oh and I found wally!!! 😂😜
emma Powell
emma P.
14:50 03 Aug 17
We've just had a family check up. The receptionists were very helpful and friendly. Lewis and Suzanne were amazing with our little ones aswell as us. Both very friendly and helpful.
Sarah Phillips
Sarah P.
11:50 03 Aug 17
Lewis and Suzanne are a great team. They are both very friendly and make you feel at ease. All procedures are explained which makes visiting the dentist less scary.
Daniel Cerasale
Daniel C.
11:01 03 Aug 17
Always a good visit. The team are very friendly and professional, would recommend.
Julie Dodd
Julie D.
09:45 03 Aug 17
My experience has been excellent. The staff are very friendly, i would highly recommend this dentist surgery. Thankyou Lewis and Susan for today 😁
Rob Evans
Rob E.
21:04 01 Aug 17
Recent check up on my dental implants and all is good, the staff are always friendly and efficient with Andy's work and attention to detail are second to none.
Louisa Lloyd
Louisa L.
13:06 31 Jul 17
I can't recommend this company enough. Their support and care throughout my orthodontic process has been outstanding. It meant the absolute world to me that they ensured that my teeth were ready for my wedding this July. They ensured that my appointments were fitted in every month and that my teeth were finished and whitened for my wedding. Thank you so much to all the team for all of your support this and last year. You are truly incredible!
Lauren Marks
Lauren M.
18:44 28 Jul 17
Lovely staff members, very welcoming and warming. While undergoing treatment I feel at ease and very relaxed. My treatment was pain free although it consisted of multiple needles. Dr Lewis Wilton understand all my problems and has helped me massively. This is the place to go guys!
Ann Ayling
Ann A.
15:29 03 Jul 17
Very happy with all aspects of treatment .pleasent suroundings calm and happy nothing to much trouble . Would definetly recomend. Thanks
C Townsend
C T.
09:53 20 Jun 17
Excellent service throughout treatment, especially after care service. Have already recommended to a few people and they have experienced same level of care. Regularly receive compliments on my teeth. Highly recommended.
Alex Stock-O'Neill
Alex S.
08:20 14 Jun 17
I visited Advance Dental after being recommended by a friend around 2 years ago for full braces. I looked at a number of Orthodontists, had a few consultations and even though the dentist was around a 45 minute drive from my house it was without doubt the best I had looked at. When your spending money, especially on your teeth it's best to find a place best suited to you. The full experience from start to finish was amazing, Andy and all the girls at the practise are absolutely lovely. I've since recommended to family members and friends and they've gone on to have treatments like teeth whitening etc. The girls were brilliant at fitting my appointments around my busy schedule. As well as a brilliant service my teeth are actually perfect now! I love them! The after care package is brilliant I couldn't recommend enough.
Catherine Peel
Catherine P.
10:00 09 Jun 17
I was really nervous about going in for a clean. I told Cheryl and Hollie that I have very sensitive teeth and my gums had slightly receded at the front after brushing my teeth too hard as a kid. Hygienist appointments had always hurt me in the past and made me bleed. Both Cheryl and Hollie were reassuring and amazing! They were so understanding and they took every step to make sure it didn't hurt one bit. Worth the drive to get to you! Oh and always love some free samples for the way out!
Adam Baker
Adam B.
13:40 23 May 17
Excellent dentist. The best I've ever been to. Well worth the money spent. 10 out of 10 dr Andy nourish
Mark Stone
Mark S.
17:44 22 May 17
I have just completed treatment for root canal and crown. If such a thing can be a pleasure - it was. No pain not even any discomfort. Brilliant treatment. Thank you Gareth and the team
Adrina Jones
Adrina J.
20:50 17 May 17
Friendly staff, had quite a few fillings done was really pleased a very calm and professional service. Really pleased with the results would highly recommend!
Mark Down
Mark D.
11:55 17 May 17
A new smile!!!😄😄😄It's been a 7 month project but the time has flown by and the end result is just unbelievable! There is no more putting my hand over my mouth when I talk or smiling with my mouth closed. I have a new smile and I feel like a new person! 👍😄Thank you....
cara taylor
cara T.
21:04 02 May 17
Such an amazing practice, staff are very helpful and friendly and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, never been happier with my smile and have so much self confidence now! Couldn't recommend them enough, thank you!
Lauren Goffin
Lauren G.
10:22 28 Apr 17
The staff are so friendly and approachable. They are all absolutely amazing with young children. Also, I had my first filling today and it was a pain free experience. Fantastic experience overall.
rachel scaccia
rachel S.
15:10 04 Apr 17
What a journey it's been to getting that SMILE! From day 1 I've felt welcomed and at ease with all the staff- they are friendly and they don't judge you! Today i had my braces off and i am really happy with the outcome, i am now on the last leg of this experience! I can't thank the staff enough! Definitely recommend 😁
Belinda Bauer
Belinda B.
20:59 03 Apr 17
As pleasant an experience as it's possible to have at the dentist's. Lately I've even had small fillings and a crown without injections and without any pain whatsoever. I never knew such a thing was possible! It fills me with confidence about visiting the dentist, and is a great incentive to take care of small issues before they become big ones. Highly recommend this friendly and efficient practice.
Luca Passariello
Luca P.
07:45 28 Mar 17
Jodi Paterson
Jodi P.
16:49 27 Mar 17
Lovely friendly staff, would highly recommend this dental surgery
Brian Hortop
Brian H.
15:25 21 Mar 17
Fabulous Experience (never thought I would say that about a visit to the Dentist). Very friendly and helpful staff in a welcoming environment. Had TWO root fillings and a new crown CAD designed and made all within an hour and DIDN'T feel a thing - Big thanks to Gareth and the Team.
Will H-J
Will H.
09:09 21 Mar 17
The most caring and considerate Dentist with outstanding quality work! As someone with a huge phobia of needles, I had put the dentist off for too many years since my last visit. Which meant lots of work was due to fix multiple cavities and a broken tooth. Mr Nourish was incredibly understanding of my problems, he made the experience very relaxed and totally pain free! All my repair work is completely natural looking and unnoticeable! Advanced Dental Care are the only Dentist I would choose now!Highly recommended!!! Especially if you have a phobia of needles or the dentist chair.
Fay McCaw
Fay M.
13:51 20 Mar 17
I went to see Dr Nourish after years of invisalign with my original dentist and being terribly unhappy with the end results. Dr Noursih was very knowledgeable and discussed my requirements and the options available to me. My original dentist had told me further work on my smile was no longer possible and I was to live with it as terrible as it was. Dr Nourish reassured me this wasn't the case and after 6 months of braces and his calm and caring dentistry I am absolutely happy with the end results. The rest of the staff at the surgery are so amazing and friendly and make you feel like part of the family. I have already recommended this surgery and will carry on recommending them!!!! xxx
Reanne Ebley
Reanne E.
13:43 16 Mar 17
Fantastic practice. All the staff are very friendly, helpful and patient. Always happy to put my mind at ease if I have any questions after a treatment, which means a lot as I'm a worrier! I've always been afraid of the dentist and avoided going for years due to a bad experience as a kid, but thanks to Gareth and the team I always feel relaxed and safe. And of course the fact that they make everything as pain free as possible helps :)Thanks for always making it a pleasant experience!
Joe Faulkner-Edwards
Joe F.
08:34 07 Mar 17
Ruth Ellis
Ruth E.
13:07 03 Mar 17
First class service . Amazing pain free treatment. I was so impressed and so very grateful that I have found a brilliant dentist and dental staff. A very warm welcome is given from the minute you enter the dentists surgery and carrys on through out your stay. Thankyou to Andrew and team.
Bailey Sloan
Bailey S.
08:32 19 Feb 17
I loved how kind the dentists are with me.
nathan davies
nathan D.
21:13 09 Feb 17
After 38 years of using my family dentist I wondered if it could be done better. After searching and finding this one I have been completely overwhelmed by the differences in the experiences of visiting the dentist. They just can't do enough for you and the staff are so happy and welcoming. They sincerely do give you what you want and provide a plan for you to follow with complete confidence and transparency to ensure your mouth stays wide open in all your photos with a gob of gnashers to be proud of once again! if like me you neglected and abused dental hygiene for too long and became embarrassed of your teeth. I look forward to seeing the dentist now...can't recommend them highly enough. Minimum discomfort and maximum service. I will be seeing them for ever more.
Vicky Featherstone
Vicky F.
23:03 01 Feb 17
Excellent practice in every way. I received treatment and advice following an accident which left my front teeth broken and displaced. Andy Nourish exceeded expectations in his support and treatment. All dental work I've received has been carried out with great expertise and care, and time has been taken to thoroughly discuss the next steps. Communication has been excellent , appointments prompt and the reception team are very warm and welcoming. Five stars well deserved - highly recommended!
stuart ornek
stuart O.
18:03 01 Feb 17
I’ve been a patient at the practice for around six years and consider myself as a regular, I needed a lot of work when I first became a patient and unfortunately have needed a lot of dental work in the six years I’ve been a patient at Advance dental practice. Gareth has looked after me the last few years but I’ve also been seen by Andrew for some specialist work (Snoring Device). Overall my experience has been fantastic, let’s face it nobody like going to the dentist but as I’ve learnt the hard way it’s a key part of looking after your health and overall wellbeing. Having bad teeth causes so much pain, confidence issues and can really effect much more than just your smile. My experience has always been first class, the building is really modern and clean and well presented. The waiting room has a well-stocked selection of magazines that are all current and updated monthly (no more 1990’s national geographic or kindly donated woman’s weekly). There is always a fresh covering of appropriate info on the walls to let you know what current deals are on cosmetic treatment and informative notices on all manner of dental related matters. The ladies on reception are friendly and efficient and always welcome you. In terms of the treatment I’ve had a few dentists in my life and my experience had varied from horrific to just ok until I became a patient at Advance. I’ve never struggled to get an appointment within a reasonable amount of time and always been really impressed with how quick they have squeezed me in If I had a problem that needed urgent attention. The treatment has always been talked through by Gareth with any options presented to me clearly and in a way that allows me sight of all the pros and cons as well as the costs. Gareth is really friendly and considers the patient at all stages of treatment, he constantly checks that your pain free and comfortable and manages your expectations through the treatment. The nurses are all lovely and chatty and the whole team seem to really get on well to create a relaxed friendly environment that feels more like you’re in a health club or spa than a dentist! So from me it’s a big big thumbs up!
Donna Shire
Donna S.
12:04 01 Feb 17
A very friendly service where you feel like a person not just another patient. Appointment reminders are sent via a text and phone call so there isn't any last minute panicking of missing an appointment. Late appointments are avaliable which suit me better around my work.Loving the results from my brace after only a few months they were off. Would highly recommend advance dental!
Jacqueline George
Jacqueline G.
07:30 31 Jan 17
My experience has been excellent from my initial consultation and through my treatment plan . I am delighted with the results so far and would highly recommend Andy and his team , exceptional service 😄
samantha burke
samantha B.
18:40 27 Jan 17
I have been a client for many years and would highly recommend for dental and cosmetic procedures
Chloe Davies
Chloe D.
17:35 26 Jan 17
Such a friendly, pleasant atmosphere. Definitely recommend!!
Julija Novikova
Julija N.
11:24 24 Jan 17
I had over 6 month treatment in this practice and I am very lucky to have such a fantastic specialists!Attentive, helpful and very competent. Dr Nourish and Dr Lock provide an extremely high standard of dental treatment and care! The treatment I have received  has been of an excellent standard.I have always been treated with dignity and respect, given ongoing information about procedures and asked about my comfort during the procedures .Also I'd like to mention a great service, providing by reception team, and the clinical staff they all are always polite , helpful and welcoming ! Highly recomended Thank you againJulia
Adrian Lock
Adrian L.
16:05 17 Jan 17
Having had the misfortune to require some unexpected dental treatment this week, I was impressed by the staff at Advance. Not being a great lover of "The Dentist" I was looked after by Diane and Sarah who were both professional and friendly in attending to my needs. I cant recommend them highly enough. Thanks all.
Edwina O'Hart
Edwina O.
11:44 23 Jul 16
I've been a patient at Advanced Dental Care for about 4 years. They have been fantastic over the years, good availability of appointments and text reminders. I'm writing this review because for the last 19 months, I had a brace fitted. I was never offered this as a child and have never been 100% happy with my smile. I spoke to Andy about it and we discussed options. 19 months later, the braces are off and I'm thrilled with the result. It was a big commitment, both financially and on my time, but I was offered various payment methods and choose an interest free monthly payment option to spread the cost. They open early and I was always able to get an appointment first thing so I could get to work on time. I've moved to the other side of Cardiff 2 years ago but still travel to Barry to attend this practice - I cannot speak highly enough of the whole team. If you've not 100% happy with your smile - Andy and team will sort you out!
Mark Stone
Mark S.
13:34 18 Jul 16
What a brilliant experience. I had a crown put in.. no horrible things in my mouth, it was made then and there, and I went away feeling incredibly well looked after.Thank you, all of you
Dawn vaughan
Dawn V.
12:38 01 Jul 16
Sara Long
Sara L.
10:34 30 Jun 16
Gareth and Suzanne are fabulous. Always happy and chatty and I've never had a bad experience at this surgery.I have recommended this place to family and friends and would definitely stay with them in the future.Thank you to the while team 😃
Dave Passey
Dave P.
08:14 27 Jun 16
These guys are top notch. Straight away they make you feel at ease and are genuine with their care. Communication was outstanding as was the treatment received. Highly recommended!
Richard Turner
Richard T.
07:27 31 May 16
Brilliant experience on both visits to the practice. Staff could not be more welcoming. Looking forward to getting my treatment finished!
Rhian Evans
Rhian E.
09:17 12 May 16
After being terrifiyed on dentists since I was little I went to Highlight Park and had Gareth as my dentist and he's been fantastic. Very calming and explains everything to you. I no longer worry about the dentist at all now, and wouldn't go anywhere else.
Mark Nott
Mark N.
18:48 18 Apr 16
What a great team,always proffesional and really did make me feel at ease...I'm really pleased with my composite white fillings...can't stop smiling...Thank you to Gareth and the team...😄😄😄
Your Day Your Way
Your Day Your W.
11:55 26 Feb 16
I would not hesitate in recommending Gareth and the team. So friendly, they all make you feel welcome, I have never been so at ease in a dentist chair and that say something. Thank you guys.
18:30 15 Feb 16
I have today completed my treatment with Andrew Nourish when my mini implant assisted denture was fitted. Amazing and so happy to have "my mouth back". No restrictive plate and the feeling that this is the closest thing you will get to having your own teeth back.Andrew Nourish is friendly, easy to talk to, and has made this whole experiencevery easy. Would recommend to anyone with dentures as my confidence todayhas increased as I now no longer have to worry about my dentures slipping and are so looking forward to eating things that I had to cut out of my diet because my conventional dentures could not cope with the hardness of certain foods.
Paul Rees
Paul R.
16:39 25 Apr 14
I have had a few historical issues with a couple of my teeth which previous dentists have been unable to treat properly. This resulted in having to live with discomfort for many months. Andrew and the team have been very professional and delivered treatment and an overall service in an understanding , pain free and effective manner. Appreciate your efforts.
Andrew Gibbons
Andrew G.
12:37 23 Jan 13
I visited the surgery for work to replace my two front crowns and to have whitening treatment. I was extremely impresssed with both the service and level of professionalism. The standard of work and attention to detail when creating and fitting my new crowns was fantastic. Combined with a quick yet extremely effective whitening system, I left with seriously more confidence in my smile! Big thanks to Andy and all the friendly staff at Advance Dental Care